Choosing an Automotive Loyalty Program

by Staff Editor
2 years ago

Then evaluating an automotive loyalty program, the first question you should ask is if the programs platform is fully DMS integrated. You don’t want the administrative burden of keeping track of a customer’s benefits, registrations and redemptions. The platform should integrate seamlessly with service, sales, and accounting, and even better if it integrates with your CRM platform as well.

Choosing the best automotive loyalty program for your dealership requires a bit of research on your part. There are a number of programs to choose from offering a different features and tools to keep your customers coming back.

Data security nowadays is paramount when selecting a vendor that will be handling any of your customer data. Inquire about the programs security protocols for protecting your data and what happens to it if you terminate the program.

Next inquire about the features it offers such as reputation management, does it include a dealership mobile app, does it help with recall notifications and service reminders. You may be able to save significant expense by packaging these items in your program instead of paying separate vendors for them on an individual basis. The best dealership loyalty rewards programs will include them at little or no cost as it increases your customer engagement and benefits their programs performance.

One of the most overlooked items is customer service. Does the program offer a toll-free number for your customers to call when there is a question about your program rules or if they have a redemption, password reset or benefit earning question? You surely don’t want to be spending your time with the administrative customer service component of the program, let the program administrator handle that.

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