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If you are looking for the absolute best dealer loyalty program for your dealership you came to the right place. Experience, expertise and incomparable results position LoyaltyTrac above all others.

Why Use LoyaltyTrac?

Creates a Strong Captive Service Environment

Improves Your Customer Engagement

Strengthens Your Dealerships Local Brand

Customers Will Visit More Frequently

Increases Dealership Equity

It is a long established fact that a customer who services with will most likely repurchase from you.

You have heard it a hundred times before. We know that long-term customers will repurchase another vehicle if they can maintain a continuous form of personal connection.

Customer retention is considerably more profitable then customer acquisition.

True Customer Engagement

Consumers have become numb to the constant barrage of marketing messages. Your loyalty initiative provides you with an opt-in communication conduit to deliver real, personalized experiences and offers tailored specifically for each customer segment.

Customers Will Join in Droves

97% of your customer base will join your loyalty program simply by asking. 98% percent of those enrolled members will still be active ten years later. How’s that for retention?

What’s more important then your local brands reputation?

Your OEM does little to promote and strengthen your local brand in your home market area. OEM’s know the value of a sound loyalty program as many have invested millions in their national platforms. Let us show you how to do it for your local market, where your store will receive 100% of the benefit.

Customers purchase your vehicles because of their product reputation.

Consumers come to your dealership because of the products you offer and the perceived value of those products.

Customers purchase from you because of
your local reputation.

A sound loyalty initiative helps to grow and strengthen your reputation as a dealership who cares about their customers and their community. Lets us show you how we do it.

We Leave No Stone Left Unturned

LoyaltyTrac provides everything to make your dealership loyalty program a real success – Packed with top-notch features, analysis and data to help you truly engage and retain your customers.

Mobile App

Customers love to look up their benefits or rewards and we make it easy for them with a dealer branded mobile app that includes all your dealership features that you would expect in an superior app.

DMS Integrated

Holding data certifications with all the main DMS providers allows LoyaltyTrac to be completely DMS integrated in sales, service, accounting and with most  CRM platforms.

Revenue Generating

Loyalty initiatives should not be an expense. Your program members will out spend your general retail, non-member customers by 37% annually.

Simple Administration

Zero dealership administrative burden, being completely automated we do all the heavy lifting so that you can sit back and recognize all the benefits. And, there are many!

Reputation and Review Management

Our Five Star Reputation Management platform ensures that you will always rank higher in search, garner higher star rankings and improve your social engagement.

Segmented Marketing

We are experts on how to market to your customers using client data and past purchase behaviors. Loyalty marketing is a science and is never a one shoe fits all type scenario.

Data Collection

You have heard it for a while now that utilizing customer data is essential for growing your business in todays digital marketplace. LoyaltyTrac provides all the tools to capture, analyze and offer predictive customer purchase behavior for each of your customers.

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